Special Masters help Judges and attorneys reach fair results more quickly, ultimately saving the parties money and conserving judicial resources.

A good Special Master is:

Consistent, treating the parties equally and always adhering to high standards. Open-minded to all parties’ arguments, and open-doored, easily accessible when needed. Honest, transparently serving the parties and the Court without any hidden agenda. Excellent at listening, at understanding the law, and at resolving disputes. Nice – practicing law is already hard; you deserve to be treated with kindness and respect.

If you need help with complicated motion practice, monitoring compliance with Court orders, mediating settlement, settlement claims administration, hard-fought discovery disputes, patent claim construction, or any other aspect of litigation, call 216-831-0001 or email David R. Cohen today.

Life Hacks for Judges

*Life Hack (noun) – A strategy or technique that makes some aspect of one’s life easier or more efficient.

300% Increase in Use of Special Masters by Federal Judges

Analysis of reported cases confirms that the use of Special Masters by Federal Judges is steadily increasing. More and more Judges are recognizing the valuable service and attention Special Masters provide to the Court and the parties, leading to more efficient, cost...

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Travel Hacks for Judges

It’s becoming more common for Judges to travel as part of their job, whether to speak at CLE seminars or to serve as a visiting Judge. Traveling to different cities and working in unfamiliar courts can come with challenges and frustrations, especially when unexpected...

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Shopping Hacks for Judges

Shopping is a necessity in every person’s life, whether it’s for food, new clothes, personal care items, or something else. But for busy Judges, making time for regular shopping trips often falls to the bottom of the to-do list. When your desk is piled high with...

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